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Tackling the fear of starting a blog

Updated: May 2

Listing some of the most common fears that plague a person when they plan to start a blog along with tips how to deal with them

over thinking

Take a deep breath and clear your mind of all the negative thoughts. Tell yourself "you can do it" over and over whenever you feel overwhelmed by a plethora of negative thoughts.

If it becomes too much, step aside for a while and do something else to take your mind off of it. Use distraction! Come back later with a fresh mind and start planning how to start your blog.

“Do you have a subject in mind for your blog? Whatever your preference is, just trust it. Trust in YOU.”


Too many ideas? Can't decide which one to choose for your blog? Or even what to write for your first blog post? My solution would be to scratch them all off your list, bunch up the paper and chuck it in the bin.

See? Not a long list of things to write about anymore that was overwhelming. :P I know it's crazy but it might work. ;)

Now what to write about? Try this: Breath in and out slowly, relax and close your eyes. The first thing that pops into your head?  Jot it down. Remember not to force yourself to think. Let it come to you naturally!

“Tip: Write an introductory post as your first blog post

The "what ifs"

"What if they mock me?"

"What if they think I don't know anything?"

"What if they despise me?"

"What if.....what if.... what if...?" 

Ah! Those buggers plaguing and scaring you away from what you want to do i.e. to start your blog. Not cool, right? So, how to kick their butts?

First of all, stop talking yourself out of starting a blog because that is what you are doing. And while it's a genuine fear to worry that they wouldn't give you a chance and would judge you? You aren't exactly being non-judgmental. You are already assuming that they will not like your words and thoughts. First give them the chance.

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story. Besides, how would you know if you won't try?

“Who cares what you write?”

Don't put yourself down by such thinking. You are cutting yourself short. Every person has something interesting to share. You might be surprised at the number of people showing interest. Maybe there are people who can't share their interest and are waiting for someone to put their thoughts into words. That someone could be you.

Take from a different perspective, you don't like all the write-ups or blogs of all the writers out there either, do you? Do keep in mind that interests vary too. Blogging is a risk. It's a fact. But then again life itself is a risk. You never know what's around the corner and yet you live it. 

Take a chance! What's the worst that could happen? At least you tried, right?

"I will screw it up"

You might but you won't be the only one or even the first one or the last one, for that matter. Failures are a part of the struggle. If you start fearing failures, how would you ever succeed? Face this fear head on. 

You might fall and fall down hard. But don't let it keep you down. Stand up, dust yourself off and try again. If one thing doesn't work, try using a different approach. Don't ever give up!

No one was born as a learned and successful person. They learned, they applied that knowledge, they failed and they struggled. What made them successful was that they never stopped trying! Finally, they found their desired and much-deserved success. 


Fear is your greatest enemy. Conquer that first. The best way to defeat it is to do the exact opposite of what it is telling you, as a revenge. But don't over do it! :P 

Seriously, though imagining the worst case scenario isn't helping you. Being cautious is one thing and being paranoid is another. Anyways, this is blogging we are talking about, more precisely writing. Not sky-diving or the world war. Now those do have some of the worst case scenarios that I don't want to be a part of. I am sure you don't either. :D

Writing can't be that bad. :P So stop giving yourself ulcers worrying and just do it. Take the plunge!

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